CMU study on privacy – opinions wanted

A group of super smart researchers at Carnegie Mellon University (who I happen to be friends with) are conducting a web-based survey about online privacy concerns. They did it last year and your input was super helpful. They told me so. Twice.

Not only will doing this make you feel good and support efforts to protect privacy, you also get a nice shot at several $75 gift certificates for

To participate in this survey, go to:

6 Responses to “CMU study on privacy – opinions wanted”

  1. Kevin Arthur

    Hmm… the survey appears to be broken (nothing happens after I submit my answers — I’m using FF 3 on a Mac). There is no contact info on the survey, so could you let them know?

  2. Scott

    Noted, thx Kevin. I passed this on to them (and asked them to put contact info in the survey :)

  3. Aleecia

    Mr. Arthur,

    Thanks for your post. A quick look at 2 am suggests the subject numbers wrapped. I will need to look into the code (inherited from a student who has since moved on) further tomorrow. I do see successful survey results after the time of your post to Scott’s blog.

    If you send me your email address (a m 4 0 I can enter you into the drawings, even if you do not have a chance to try to submit again. I cannot update the start screen on the survey at this point, and you are right it should have more than IRB for contact information; I’m adding that to the spec for the upcoming re-write of the survey code. My apologies for the inconvenience, and thanks very much for trying to help us out!

  4. Percy

    Just to let you know that I had the same problem too. Tried with Firefox 3 (on XP) and IE 7 (on XP), and both times the survey got stuck when I hit Submit to the 2nd problem.

  5. Sark

    I am using IE7 on a fairly modern HP laptop with XP, and get the same problems.

    Having some experience in survey research, I’d have to say that the design of the survey has some fundamental problems. The data collected as a result will be highly questionable.

  6. Jason Winstanley

    The survey is still not working and I am unable to submit responses beyond the first question on the third screen using Safari on OSX.


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