How hard to immigrate into the U.S? Awesome flowchart

I can’t say how accurate this thing is, but it’s both a great piece of design (By Terry Colon, formerly of Suck), and a polarizing commentary on immigration policy: this will either anger you or make you happy. I know for sure my great grandparents would never have made it through this – Instead of being here writing this, I, like they were, would probably be a peasant farmer somewhere in Eastern Europe.

And here’s the blog post it comes from with it’s own comment thread (Hat tip, metafilter)

What I’d like to see are: 1) similar flowcharts for other first world countries. 2) Similar flowcharts for 50, 100, and 150 years ago in the U.S.

3 Responses to “How hard to immigrate into the U.S? Awesome flowchart”

  1. isaac

    Would love to see the difference in the laws at different times. Just had some Canadian friends move away. Immigrants have and always will be the back bone of this country. Those who come to the US from poverty have the perspective and motivation we need. Our politicians try to make us all happy by making laws to satisfy the protectionist and not enforcing them to satisfy the businesses and open borders people. Instead of making every one happy we are all sick of the lack of leadership.

  2. Chris K

    Looks like the image / photo moved and now you’ve got an image missing.


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