Making things happen – the cover & more

The book is on the home stretch – final pass at editing is almost wrapped up and off to the printer. Here’s the cover for the new edition – looks sharp! WooHoo! Can’t wait for this to be out there and to have the book back in print.


The update includes:

  • Much tighter writing in all chapters: it’s a lean, crisp read.
  • Many corrections, figure improvements, and improved references.
  • 120 exercises to help you apply and practice what you’ve learned.
  • A discussion guide for forming reading groups and getting value from them.

You may notice that the new chapter I promised isn’t listed. It didn’t make the book for the following reason: it wasn’t that good. It didn’t feel right to cram it in there, and have people think I stuck it in just to draw more sales. Instead I plan to finish up the chapter and post it online, for free.

Stay tuned – As soon as I know when it will be available in physical stores, I’ll let you know.

You can pre-order the book now.

3 Responses to “Making things happen – the cover & more”

  1. Sarath

    The whole updates in the book (including the cover) seems to be interesting. Waiting to own a copy.

  2. Ricardo Clérigo

    Wow, now that’s a great looking cover :)

    The new topics seem very interesting as well and the exercises should help complement the stories told in the book.

    The art of project management is a great book and this new revision will certainly be an improvement on that (example: new pictures).

    Keep up the good work Scott !

  3. Joe Tanner

    I am considering “Making things happen” as a textbook for a course in project management for engineering graduate students. Do you think it would be a good fit? Thank you for your honest feedback.


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