Now in stock: Making things happen

Since my book the art of project management went out of print, I bet your world has been gray. You’ve been unable to sleep. You’ve been nervous at work. You’ve lost interest in food. Your spirits have been so low, at times it’s even been hard to breathe. “When will it end!” you’ve cried. But still, the book has stayed out of print.

Well… your deepest, most secret wish has been granted: it’s here! The universe will be saved! All project management challenges will flee at the sight of this mighty tome in your hand!

Oh, the joys of authorial sarcasm – anyway, I’m proud to say the book is now available and looks great.

Now titled Making things happen: mastering project management it has all the good stuff from the original edition, plus:

  • A cover than doesn’t suck
  • 120+ brand new exercises
  • carefully re-edited and revised chapters.
  • improved footnotes (actually on the same page as the text! amazing!)
  • A discussion guide for using the book with reading groups
  • Tons of suggested improvements from pmclinic rock stars

It’s the definitive edition of the bestselling book. I hope you’ll check it out and spread the word: buying my books helps fund free stuff like the essays and the pmclinic.

Available now on

5 Responses to “Now in stock: Making things happen”

  1. David Heffernan


    The old cover was great, I don’t know what you had against it. Footnotes on the same page sounds good.

    I’m relieved that it’s only out today since I just managed to flog my copy on Amazon for £20 (=$40). Thanks for holding fire with the new edition long enough for me to get my money back! And thanks for tipping us off that the previous edition was selling for good money on Amazon.

  2. Scott

    Hi David

    The old cover had one major problem – I didn’t know what it meant! I’d get asked all the time what the sneakers were supposed to mean, or what the pattern at the bottom was all about, and I really had no idea. If the author doesn’t understand the cover, something is very wrong, don’t you think?

    Anyway, I’m a big fan of the new cover, it’s simple, bold, not-over-designed, at easy to spot. Those are the 3 things a good cover should do and it nails ’em all.

    And I’m happy you made your money back :)

  3. Emily

    Congratulations! Just ordered mine from!

  4. David Heffernan

    What I liked about the cover was just that it looked good to my eye. I don’t really try to infer from a cover what’s in a book. I think they just need to be striking so that they catch your eye.

    The new cover seems to suggest that being a good project manager is like setting of a load of matches at the same time. When I was a kid we used to do this with a full box of matches with one sticking it. We called this a “genie”. I’m not sure how my co-workers would react if they thought I was trying to use them to set off a genie! ;-)

    Anyway, good look with the new edition.

  5. James Shrenk

    Congrats on the new edition! It’s very rare that I ever purchase subsequent editions (except in cases of loss or being really far behind the times), but this one is one of my favorites. I will say that that I definitely like the cover more. The choice of paper in the original was a little better (not sure how much say an author has with that anyway).


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