Questions on Innovation from Microsoft

Had a nice crowd of about 150, plus another 300 online at Microsoft today. The talk will be posted soon on the Microsoft research site, but in the meantime here are some of the good questions I was asked.

If you were there and recall others, or have some to add based on the Myths of Innovation talk (youtube version here for non-microsofties), fire away:

  • How do you rationalize your statement that there is no single method, with your advice for managers (delegate) at the end of your talk?
  • In your Luddite example you pointed out how hard it is to make change happen. Any advice for innovators on working around this challenge?
  • Is Microsoft an immitiator? Given your experience here and elsewhere, how do you view the perception of MSFT and other companies as innovators or immitators?
  • What is the role of culture in making innovation happens? Are there really as many recluses and lone geniuses as we think?

I’ll update this with my answers shortly.

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  1. Richard Atkins

    With answers updated shortly… for some surprisingly high value of shortly.

    Are/were you planning whole new blog posts to answer each question that came up? I’m keen to see your responses.


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