Should managers be funny?

As I’ve grown older my tolerance for humorless people has declined – but does everyone feel this way? What about team leaders and project manager types?

Some folks at Bremen University in Germany are doing a study to find out.

They have an online survey that explores this question and they’d love to hear your opinion.

2 Responses to “Should managers be funny?”

  1. Paul

    Ahh, Scott. You need to look no further than the philosophy of David Brent: “So..Have a laugh at me, have a laugh at each other, have a laugh at work, have a laugh at each other at work, .. but never make the mistake of the ‘laughter of hate’.”

  2. L

    Of course!!! As long as the Manager employee boundaries are not completley forgotten. It has always worked in my favour to have that type of relationship with team members. Its better to be laughed with as a good manager than laughed at for being a bit crap!

    Good humour and a cheeky chuckle boosts moral and in turn gaines respect.


    Ps Getting through your site quite quickly!! Very impressed… I have found the knowledge I need to help me through my blonde moments in management!


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