What does Guy Kawasaki read?

Expert's choice logoAn interesting little MBA project from UC Irvine provides a view of books and reviews based on the point of view of particular experts. There may be something like this out there already but i haven’t seen it.

It’s called Expert’s choice – and all profits from using their site go to charity. Take a look.

3 Responses to “What does Guy Kawasaki read?”

  1. Working Girl

    Cool. I was glad to see you at the top of the list!

    I had half expected to see the same old business-y books on everyone’s list (i.e., “Discover Your Strengths”) and was glad to see a bunch of stuff I had never heard of.

    Oops. Am I outing myself? Has everyone but me heard of these tombs?

  2. Scott

    One secret of whatever success I have is the name Berkun: having a last name that starts with the second letter of the alphabet pays off more than you’d think.

  3. sarahmas

    What a cool project. I hear those UCI MBAs are the unsung digital masters of the West Coast.


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