Win prizes! – Why do designers fail SURVEY

After a most interesting thread and side e-mails, I’ve developed a survey to more deeply explore the reasons why designers fail. There are now over 40 specific causes offered, and I need 5 minutes of your time to better understand how these causes relate to the real world.


  • The survey is open to designers and non-designers.
  • Goal is to better understand both causes and perception of causes of failure.
  • Prizes: $100, $50 and $25 gift certificates.
  • Survey has 7 questions, all multiple choice, and should take less than 5 minutes
  • You can be anonymous, but it you want a shot at prizes, put in your email.
  • Results will be presented at UIE13 next week – and on this site

Act now, the survey closes EOD FRIDAY. 

Survey – Why do designers fail? [Survey CLOSED]

(Note: If you try to take the survey twice on the same computer, it wont let you. You’ll get a “Thank you for taking the survey” page).

5 Responses to “Win prizes! – Why do designers fail SURVEY”

  1. Del C

    Hi Scott,

    The survey link doesn’t work for me. Gets to but then I just get a page with “This is not a valid survey link. Please contact the author of the survey and have them resend you the correct link to this survey.”

  2. Jon

    Why does your survey “require” Javascript to function? Are you trying to limit who is able to participate? Lack of enabled Javascript for unknown websites = user NON-FAIL; requiring Javascript for a webpage = designer FAIL.

  3. Scott (admin)

    Hi Jon: While it is my survey, I’m sure you noticed I’m using a 3rd party survey website to run it.

    No, not trying to limit who can participate. Seems reasonable to trust with running javascript to me. They’re not unknown, they’ve been around for awhile.

    As to why they need it, you’d have to ask them. I can’t help you on that one.



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