Confessions keynote from Web 2.0 expo

Here’s the keynote from last week – I’m talking about storytelling, twitter, and making connections.

The comments up on youtube are quite harsh – apparently IE sucks (hey, I still say IE 5.0 was pretty darn good), and I’m dumb as hell.

(If embedded video doesn’t work, here’s the youtube link)

8 Responses to “Confessions keynote from Web 2.0 expo”

  1. Ian Tyrrell

    I wouldn’t take any notice of the youTube kiddies.

    They obviously have never used Netscape Navigator, or mosaic, or lynx.

  2. Scott Berkun

    Thanks Ian – perhaps I’m only as dumb as purgatory. Maybe someday I’ll be dumb as heaven.

  3. Sean Crawford

    I plan to re-watch Your Youtube very soon and make notes. For now this is my authentic first response. I would have made notes if I was there live, which to me is a good compliment, which means you are not, as the commenter would claim, dumb.

    It is exciting that someone else can spot things as inauthentic. I am also excited by your observation that someone would “reply all” and comment based on assumptions from not reading. To me this is a lack of integrity, a lack that people don’t like to note just as until “yesterday” they didn’t want to censor drunk drivers: because so many did it themselves.

    I think I will have some fun thinking of ways to give brief corrective e-mail feedback if that happens to me. Essayist Paul Graham once had to follow up an essay with a Cliff’s notes version (since deleted) because so many people assumed what he wrote, without reading it.

    I enjoyed how you knew of, and quoted from, Penn and Teller. (Penn) That one I will write down.

  4. Sharel

    Hi Scott,

    It was great meeting you at w2e, thanks for the the great advices and personal attention :)

    i loved two thinks a lot, which made me think:
    1. we are all storytellers, tech changed but not basic channel of storytelling… so true, people forget that 40 years ago no social technology existed, but humans did not evolve from the past hundredths years, and we are much the same like we were then.
    2. RT without reading, storytelling should be with integrity:)

    Thank you,



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