McConnell’s 10 deadly sins of estimation

Hi there. I’m now back from my ramble through Scandinavia.

If you were at my seminar in Milwaukee (we had many questions on estimates and schedules), or struggle with bad estimates somewhere else in the world, you’re in luck.

Next week my friend Steve McConnell is doing a free webcast on the ten deadly sins of estimation. As if the regular sins weren’t bad enough, these are the ones that kill. Registration and details here.  Tuesday June 23rd, 10am PST.

And here’s more stuff from Steve’s consulting firm, Construx, on estimation:

2 Responses to “McConnell’s 10 deadly sins of estimation”

  1. jorge

    if the info on a site is for free, why am I required to register? it really gives you the feeling that the site will later on track registered “”””users”””” (I just want the dammm pdfs already) and send quasi-spam…
    From a potential positive reference, Construx just went into the “interesting, but never bookmark, useless registration” bin.

  2. Glen B. Alleman

    What Steve describes is mandated in DID 81650 for all defense procurements greater than $20M.


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