My books are now on Kindle

Thanks to the fine folks at O’Reilly Media, both of my books are now available on Kindle:

Making Things happen (Kindle)

The Myths of Innovation (Kindle)

I think it’s silly that the customer reviews for the regular editions don’t migrate to these kindle pages, but then again I’m still bummed all the reviews for The art of project management didn’t get migrated over to Making Things Happen, as it’s the 2nd edition of the same book.

8 Responses to “My books are now on Kindle”

  1. Firstborn

    Kindle is fine, but what about Sony Reader? I’d by your books if those were available for Sony Reader :)

  2. Keith Fahlgren

    These titles are available as Ebook Bundles from the store. That includes an ePub file which you can load onto your Sony Reader or iPhone using Stanza. More at

    As for the reviews: we asked the Kindle folks to do that, but to date it has only happened for a handful of our titles. We’ll ask again.

  3. pthalacker

    FWIW, I purchased the eBook package from OReilly a while ago and put the mobi version on my Kindle and it works just fine.

  4. Scott Berkun

    Keith: Talk about customer service – Nice to get the word straight from someone at O’Reilly!

  5. Phil Simon

    I agree with you. It’s nuts that reviews can’t be either electronically migrated or cut-and-paste via old school methods. I’d be pretty upset.

  6. Jerry

    Are you allowing the “read-aloud” function with your Kindle books? I hope so.

  7. Ibrahim

    I just finished reading ” The Myths of Innovation” on kindle. Now i want to order a third cup of espresso and download Making Things Happen (Kindle Edition).


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