I need your help: important

There is something important I don’t say very often. I need you.

Yes you. Not the guy in the cubicle behind you, but you.

What I rarely talk about is I’m on my own – I’m flying solo in most of my work – and the only thing that keeps all this going are the comments, links, tweets, recommendations all of you guys do on my behalf to spread the word about my work.

As I’m several light years away from being a household name, and no billionaire benefactor has come forth yet to bankroll what I do, whatever fame I have comes from people who like my work. And unless you wandered here looking for Shmott Shermkun or Fott Ferkun, that’s you.

Here’s how you can help me and my career:

  • Email / tweet / Facebook a blog post you liked to others
  • Leave a comments so I know I did well, or not
  • Buy one of my books if you’ve only read the blog (Myths / MTH / Confessions)
  • Write an amazon.com review of my books (Myths / MTH / Confessions)
  • Recommend a book, or this blog, to coworkers & friends (they can  subscribe via RSS)
  • If you know event organizers, suggest they bring me in as a speaker

I’m grateful to all of you who have done this stuff in the past. Every mention makes a difference.

Wanted to let you know I depend on you and appreciate the help, and if you’re not sure if it matters, I can tell you for sure that it does.

26 Responses to “I need your help: important”

  1. Jamie

    Congratulations on all your hard work Scott. Your “Making Things Happen” book was essential for helping me with my business processes and I look forward to reading your one.

  2. KoW

    erm. wouldn’t buy your books kind of… help… you too? ;)

  3. Julie

    Scott, as always, you have a way with words. I thoroughly enjoyed Myths. I bought several copies for friends. Looking forward to Confessions!

  4. Scott Berkun

    KoW: You can BUY my books? No WAY!

    I tweaked that list to mention this salient little fact.

  5. Pradeep

    Scott, I bought your book ‘The art of project management’ after I read the reviews on the internet. Though I am not into any management stuff, I liked most of the topics in the book like handling politics in the team etc.

    However there is something I wanted to communicate to you as a not so advance reader and also a person from non-english speaking country. The language you have used in your book is very tough. I had to sometimes read some sentences twice or thrice to understand what it meant. Some paragraphs containied many complex words for which I had to keep a dictionary with me all the time. Frankly speaking, After reading the first two chapters, I was really tired.

    Your book is indeed good, and I would still suggest it to my freinds and colleagues, but the above is my observation :-)

  6. Truls

    It’s posts like this one that makes me realize that the people writing the blogs I read every day are actual people, and that writing this stuff takes some effort.

    I’ll buy your new book for sure and do whatever I can, you’re a nice guy to have around.

  7. Divya

    I am going to steal this text if I ever get into what you are doing :) Beautiful, and OF COURSE, I will do all I can to support you in your adventure!

  8. Jason

    I’m with you Scott. I toss your name around a Fortune 100 Property/Casualty corporation on a daily basis, approaching evangelism :). You’re helping a lot of people and we appreciate it. What you’re doing is important.


  9. Sarath

    Hi Scott,

    It’s nice to hear from you. I’ve been doing this since I started doing your book “The Art of Project Management”. I was much desperate that “Making things happen” hadn’t any indian edition. You know the books are a bit costly for an average Indian. But i always appreciate the best work. I’ve pre-ordererd your new book. Sure I will spread your words… through my blog, facebook, twitter and recommendations to my friends.

  10. Slim

    Hi Scott! Long time! Looking forward to your new book, man! I’ll be sure to spread the word!

  11. Vijay Narayanan

    I am looking forward to your new book and will pass the word. Your work is outstanding – Keep up the great work and my best wishes for your success.

  12. Robby Slaughter

    I buy all your books and recommend them wherever I can! We also written about you twice on our blog.

    I’d like to encourage your agent to send you to Indianapolis to speak. What are the parameters that we need to get set up to make that happen?

  13. Weera

    I read your book, Making Things Happen. I like it. :)

  14. Tebe

    I’m recommending “Art of project management” to every person who should know what project management is about. Including my empoyees – it’s a must-read for them. And it works.
    Here is the proof from 2007 – look for Your name in comments.
    Kudos from Poland.

  15. David Grove

    I’ve bought your book, (Making Things Happen), I’ve given it as a gift, I’ve even downloaded a ‘bootleg’ copy of the PDF from the internet just to have a copy with me at all times. Last night I purchased the Kindle edition (At the new low price of $7.99!).
    Thanks for being a Phantom Mentor to me!

    The company I work for was recently bought, and during the first round table with my new management team, I took the time to write “Keep Your Mouth Shut” based on a essay of your that I had just read. In a roomful of people looking to stand out, it was the best advice I could have heard.


  16. Cindy

    Scott, I saw you last year at UI13 and loved your presentation (Why Designers Fail). I have the PDF, but it misses your enthusiastic delivery and commentary when I share it. Any chance you’re going to do another webinar soon? I’d love for my team to see it live!

  17. Zosh

    Keep up the killer work! And please… someone give this man some operating funds!

  18. Martin Hassman

    Is there some official page on Facebook for “The Myths of Innovation” to become fan? Cannot find any.



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