Quote of the day

“An intelligent hell would better than a stupid paradise”

-Victor Hugo

4 Responses to “Quote of the day”

  1. Jeff

    Obviously, Victor hasn’t a clue of what the horrors of hell are like. One only needs to look at what Jesus, the Son of God, went through on the cross, in order to spare us from hell.

    Rejecting that gift of deliverance is at one’s one peril…

  2. Karla

    Dear Jeff,

    You are totally wrong. It was through an intelligent hell that Jesus was able to deliver his message and have a long-lasting impact on humanity. I should add, people who have influenced the world have not had a life in paradise.

  3. Scott

    This is the best place you guys could find to debate theology? Geez, it’s just a quote.

    And the secular meaning here, the meaning I think Hugo actually meant, is that sometimes suffering for good reasons is preferable than being happy for bad ones. That’s all the quote meant to me.

    In similar quoteage territory is this one:

    “The mind can make a heaven out of hell and a hell out of heaven.” — John Milton

  4. Michelle Fischer

    Intelligent hell is one that we create with loopholes. A stupid paradise is one we create because we don’t know how hellish it is.
    The stupid paradise=”make America great again.”


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