Site update and move complete

If you see this post, it means you’re looking at the new, improved, ISP-upgraded There are a few kinks that will take a few days to sort out, but most things should be working fine.

The last few posts are in limbo, but will be transferred here shortly. Magically (Hi Jamie).

Please leave a comment if you notice anything amiss. Thanks.

5 Responses to “Site update and move complete”

  1. Jorge

    Well, you finally got to the site’s icon issue…. but aren’t you a tad afraid “SB” could be not the most distant thing of another acronym of a much less polished ways (hint: Of) ? But I’m caustic in nature (really, my pH is about 12… not really), so poke around.
    Other than that, I like that you’ve resisted the soup-de-jour OS-X/Vista-aero All-is-Curved-glass look… the drop-shadow separators work well, but you should have a constant-width gradient (same pupose, same graphic thing).

  2. Scott Berkun

    I’m assuming you mean son of a bitch?

    If that’s the worst thing I’m called it’s a good day.

    Kudos goes to Jamie at Architexture who did all of the design and development work. Plus there’s more to come.

  3. Gordon

    What we need is a major Web 2.0 crash. Something along the lines of the first dotcom crash — the one that got rid of the “you just don’t get it” brigade.

  4. Gordon

    This comment was intended for the “The New Serendipity” post. Sorry.


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