Thursday linkfest

  • Video viewing stats are inflated. There’s evidence few people watch more than a few seconds of video, even though many sites count those drive-by’s as a “view”.
  • Innovation @ Alltop. Alltop provides ‘topic based aggregation’, or in English, they grab the headlines from leading websites on a topic and put it all on one big page. It’s kind of handy, though I only know about this because someone found me via this page on innovation (Thanks Melissa!).
  • A printing press in your closet. The coolest thing I saw at this week’s Tools of Change conference, was the Espresso On Demand Print machine. It’s the size of a large file cabinet, and can print and bind a 300 page book, with color cover, in 4 minutes. I now own an extremely rare paperback version of Myths of Innovation (They sold a bunch to attendees at the conference).
  • Photos from the New York Times R&D department. Includes a “make your own paper” kiosk and various new kinds displays.

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