Thursday linkfest

Here are this week’s links:

  • The rise and fall of Rome, in numbers – Interesting to see a graph of the population of the roman empire over time.
  • How to shoot an anvil – Pure stupid guy fun – what happens if you pack two anvils together with gunpowder? Answer – watch. Promise it will make you smile.
  • Top songs about writing – It’s a great idea for a list, but half these choices were totally lame. Perhaps they limited themselves to stuff they could find on YouTube.  What would yours be?
  • Better presentations thru sex – This is irresistible public speaking fodder. Changes the idea of what should happen in green rooms. (Sadly, they don’t link to the study they mention).
  • Miquel Barcelo – At first I thought this artist’s work reminded me of poor general contracting, but the more you look at it, the more it seems like an acid trip take on a cave.
  • The benefits of cursing – In the ‘brain science gone to far’ pile, some researchers are studying why we instinctively curse.  Isn’t the fact that it feels good and the words are fun to say explanation enough? Interesting, but silly methinks.
  • U2 re-releases Unforgetable fire – Listening to this album is always a treat, as the bands sound isn’t changed yet by mega-stardom. The link has an interview with the producers of the re-release.

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