Thursday linkfest

Here are this week’s excellent links and the only stuff I managed to read this week while on the road:

  • On press reporting: MSFT and black screen of death –  Anyone who has an article written about them, or their work, and discovers the gap between what they are and how they are portrayed, never reads the news the same way again. Here’s an interesting tale of reporting gone wrong.
  • InnovationParkour – Great presentation (slides only) comparing innovation with the street sport of Parkour. Wish the actual presentation was somewhere.
  • Top 10 Conferences – My favorite events are ones that hit cross discipline. That’s where the big leaps and connections come from. Here’s a solid list of ten conferences that will give you want more bang for your training/event dollar. (I’ve written about GEL before)
  • How a web design goes to hell – Very funny for any creative who works with clients. (But does beg the question, perhaps you should pick better clients to have).
  • McNeil/Leher rules for news – Didn’t get all the way through this, but made me wonder what other shows would say their rules are, and how wide the gap is between their ‘rules’ and their actual practices.

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  1. Mike Nitabach

    Design Hell is hilarious!


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