What my office looks like right now

In a desperate fit of end of year holiday boredom, as I’m self employed and don’t quite long for these weeks off as I used to, I decided it’s time to fix up my office.

If I’m actively writing a book, over time my research methods create piles of books all over the place. I did heavy research for Confessions, and there were papers, books, journals, and articles just about everywhere.

When a book is done, there are several weeks of promotion, and it’s only now, about 8 weeks in, that I finally get around to fixing up the disaster area that is my office.

In the photo below, I’m 30% of the way in to sorting things out, and things are complete chaos. Hopefully I’ll post another photo this week with everything nice and fixed up.

That’s my knee on the right, and my desk above it.

I dare you to post a picture of what your desk/office looks like right now.

6 Responses to “What my office looks like right now”

  1. Monica

    Messy desk is a sign of a good worker.. that is the saying right. I am type A so you would not want to see my desk. And what does that say about me… LOL.New year feels good to purge!

  2. Scott Berkun

    Monica: I thought the saying was “a messy desk means when you do clean it once a year it’s a huge pain in the ass”.

    Thx for the positive vibe though :)

  3. Arvind

    You may title this picture as “Confessions of a Writer”

  4. Neil C. Obremski

    That’s great! It definitely looks “lived in” and Tyler Durden is perfectly posed for this picture. I just started another self-employment thing and am sharing someone else’s office, so I can’t post a picture of the whole thing, but here’s my workstation …


    Pretty bland, but give it a few months!

  5. Scott Berkun

    Neil: thx for the photo, as well as for being the first to notice the Fight Club poster :)

  6. Phil Simon

    A friend of mine had a simple axiom:

    If your desk is neat, then you don’t have enough work.

    Looks like you have plenty.

    Happy holidays, Scott.



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