What should I write about? You decide!

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been writing about a wider and wider range of things. This is no accident. My ambitions with books and the blog are wide. I’ll always be writing about pm, design and innovation things, but will always be writing about wider things too.

But I’ve failed to involve you guys in the process as much as I’d like, which I’m fixing now.

I put together a list of old requests from blog comments and emails, and found a little tool called slinkset that lets anyone vote, and submit new topics.

My promise: I’ll grab a topic every week and write about it. Anything goes. Whatever, and I mean whatever, makes it to the top of the list, I’ll write about on the blog.

Here’s what to do:

  1. View and vote on the list here (click on the up arrow to vote)
  2. or add your own topics.

It’s that easy. No registration required.

If you guys use it, I’ll find a way to integrate something like this into scottberkun.com (perhaps there’s a WordPress plugin that approximates slinkset).

Give it a spin – let me know what you think.

4 Responses to “What should I write about? You decide!”

  1. David

    How did you transition from techno-guru to more humanistic pursuits? What sort of mindset changes did you have to make?

  2. karanja evanson mwangi

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  3. Bilal Lamptey

    write about the impact of computer usage on financial sector

  4. Bilal Lamptey

    a literature review on the impact of the use of computer on financial sectors.Essay should be written in APA format.


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