Countdown to 1000 posts

This post, according to WordPress, is #952. I have about 50 more to go to hit the 1000 mark.

Since my posts tend towards new material, rather than just a link and a sentence, this is a shitload of words.

I’m grateful to all the folks who subscribe, read, forward, comment and even snark here, as this blog has been a critical part of my successful independent life so far.

I’d like to do something fun here when I hit post #1000. Open to suggestions – leave ’em in the comments. Thanks.

14 Responses to “Countdown to 1000 posts”

  1. Almad

    Please, share Your worst text/talk…and how would You rewrite it.

    It’s most interesting to learn from failures.

  2. Joel D Canfield

    Give away $1,000


    How ’bout let some of your long-time readers post clips of (and perhaps comments on) their favorite posts. Make it about what your readers are hearing.

    Ought to resonate with potential new readers, yes?

  3. Prashanth Gopalan

    How about an essay on blogging, or perhaps a blog spot – “How to create a 1000 blog post blog”?

    Blogging tips, tips to get a successful blog, how to drive traffic to a blog, what some of the most successful blogs have in common – maybe you could include tips and suggestions on any of these points?

    You definitely have the experience, we’d all be interested in hearing what you’d have to say.

    By the way, thanks for the Seattle talk on Wednesday, it was damn useful (even though I webinar’d it from Toronto).

  4. Charlie Knudsen

    Congrats. I found your blog somewhat recently but have really enjoy it. Thanks!

  5. Hetu

    It’s time for you to entertain us with your guitar & singing.

    Thanks !

  6. Franke

    How about a video of you tap dancing? Or tap dancing in front of an audience.

  7. Jason

    May be a stretch (and isn’t really a post)…but perhaps a Question/Answer webcast or live chat? It’s probably a hassle, but would definitely help you connect more directly with your readers & subscribers.

  8. Tom Purl

    Thanks for all of the great articles! This is definitely one of my favorite blogs, and I’m looking forward to all of the great material that is yet to come.

  9. Christa Avampato

    With one thousand posts, is it safe to assume that once you factor in research, the actual writing, commenting, working on the design and curation of the blog, etc., you’ve spent 10,000 hours on this site? By the Outliers theory, that would make you an expert in blogging in addition to your expert status as a public speaker. How does it feel to be an expert in this medium?

  10. Mike Haden

    How about …

    … an essay on other historical ‘1000’ milestones, given your interest in historical comparisons?

    … a piece on why it is that we as humans are so fascinated by significant milestones of any sort?

    … a personal view of what you have learned and absorbed in 1000 posts? How has writing the blog changed your work and your perspective?

  11. Ryan Grimm

    Hum, how do you celebrate 1000 posts. Sometimes with tough decisions like this it’s nice to do the American thing and just avoid them altogether. I’m not suggesting that you call it quits after post 999 and you obviously can’t skip the 1000th post. The only way I can think of to get around this issue is a guest post. If you feel guilty about taking this approach just think of it as your blogging birthday and nobody should work on their birthday. Plus, after 999 posts don’t you think you deserve a little break? Maybe you could get Joel Spolsky as the guest :).

  12. Sean Crawford

    A lot of us computer literate hardworking left brain types celebrate by the default of going for a beer. So normal, but so mundane. So many of us are like Jerome K. Jerome’s camping buddy George who allegedly “never looked at the stars, and wept he knew not why.” Perhaps you could give us a right brain poem reminding us to celebrate by enjoying the roses by the roadside, and so forth.

  13. Tom N

    “A picture is worth 1000 posts”? You mentioned you were working on your drawing skills, using “Drawing on the Right Side of Your Brain”. Consider posting a picture that communicates to us your thoughts about reaching the 1000 milestone, or how your life has changed since going solo.

    Thanks for all the great posts!



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