Moments: a video you will enjoy

There is a cliche among short videos of trying to make you feel something amazing or wonderous, and I admit when I started watching this one that’s exactly what I though. “Oh, here’s another one of those videos with short, clever, little moments designed to make me feel something positive and wonderful.”  But it was done well enough that I kept watching. And watching. And even though I still thought about the cliche, I liked it more and more until eventually I stopped thinking about the cliche and thought (felt) about my own moments and their meaning, or lack their of.

Anyway. I think it’s good. Hope you enjoy

Moments from Everynone on Vimeo.

4 Responses to “Moments: a video you will enjoy”

  1. Rubio

    Good one. The following is pretty old and you might have seen it but it kind of made me smile. Probably the science nerd in me. I particularly like Richard Feynman’s bit, “I think nature’s imagination is so much greater than man’s.”

    Symphony of Science – ‘We Are All Connected’ (ft. Sagan, Feynman, deGrasse Tyson & Bill Nye)

  2. Kevin Morrill

    Nice little collage. Life really has so much to offer. Thanks for posting this Scott!

  3. Simon

    A beautiful video Scott. It’s kind of zen in that it makes you concentrate on those slivers of time that make a life. Reminds me of video of Johnny Cash’s Hurt which compresses a life into less than 5 minutes.

  4. Vincent Khoo

    Stunning! Totally unusual, yet it brings out the very ‘similarities’ that every human being shares… life!


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