Poll: Write more or write better?

A question on my mind regarding this blog, is this: should I be writing more often? Or writing less, but writing better (however you choose to define it) things?

I want your vote: please take a second? Two clicks will do it. thanks.

15 Responses to “Poll: Write more or write better?”

  1. Siggi

    With this you are on the edge to get unsubscribed ;-)

  2. Scott Berkun

    Siggi: You’re joking right? Seems sensible to ask at least once a decade for quality/quantity feedback, yes?

  3. Alex

    Just an addendum to my vote; the “better writing” should IMHO be collected in book form to pay for you writing more often about smaller things on the blog, more links, updates on what you’re up to, more interaction, and so forth. More of the person Scott Berkun in nominal form, and more of the writer Scott Berkun in a boxed, deliberately contextual and thematic experience called “books.”

    1. Scott Berkun


      thanks for clarifying – point taken.

      For the question I strictly meant here on the blog.

  4. Richie

    Writing more often is a way to write better; it will keep your skills sharp.

    1. Scott Berkun

      You guys all realize by voting for ‘better’ you’re forcing me to do another poll to find out what better really means. Just warning you. There. you’ve been warned.

  5. James

    Hi Scott,

    I think you already write very well- after all, you are an established author!

    I think you should write more often. I check your blog everyday, 1st thing when I come in(along with slashdot). It would be nice to have more reading stuff.

    Regards better, thats a subjective thing, as you mention in the comments. But maybe more reviews of books, other blogs you liked would be nice as well.

  6. Jorge

    Scott, I have to confess that the self-promotion part has been consistently growing with time, and to which I’m a bit allergic.

    Even when Joel goes on about how freaking spectacular his SW is, he tells/makes up army-time funny stories to keep you from thinking “this is a blogomercial”.

    I do understand that this is what you do for a living, so it’s pretty evident what the vehicle of income: lectures and book sales. Perhaps consulting? why don’t you give us more insight on consultancy experiences, which would also bring forth credibility over “this is how PM is done”.

    So “you stupid commenter, just tell me what would be better writing! I have to eat, you know?”. Just hop on to https://scottberkun.com/essays/ mode.

  7. Charlie

    Not exactly sure how I stumbled onto your website in the first place, but ever since I did about a year ago your RSS has been on my iGoogle “Business” tab.

    I think you have the right balance of short, quick reads; links to other relevant material and well written longer essays.

    I am sure your writing will continue to evolve.

  8. Chris Mahan

    I’m gonna re-comment.

    Better writing: The kind that’s well thought out, well researched, witty, short and to the point yet long enough to explore the subject fully to deliver maximum impact.

    Also, write about something you feel passionate about. Don’t worry about increasing readership. I would rather you write something that will be regarded as profound in 20 years than something that appeals to October 2010.

  9. Leszek Cyfer

    You better write more, you! :)

    But seriously, make a routine to write everyday, but post only the good stuff.

  10. Jayant V

    Haha! I just realized after I voted that this poll was regarding your blog. I chose ‘write better’ for myself ;)

  11. Jayant V

    Scott, I might be a bit of an idiot but I’m sure there are tons like me(it feels good to think that way at least) :P
    There’s something about this that makes people like me read the title and jump straight to the poll without reading the text in between. Don’t get too stressed out if the poll is overwhelmingly in favor of ‘Write Better’ ;)



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