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It’s amazing how much you miss right in front of your face if you are paid to miss it. And they were paid to miss it. They were paid to ignore very simple facts.

I don’t have any clue [about what’s coming next]. One of the amazing things is that when you write a book about the people who saw the sub-prime mortgage collapse coming, they think you’re saying that you saw the sub-prime mortgage collapse coming.

If you write a book, Liars poker, for that matter, where maybe the point of the book was that if you could ask anyone in the world for investment advice it should not be me, and the minute its published everyone is asking me for investment advice.

I really do feel like I’m at this moment in my life where I walk out my door and I scream, I’m not Jesus, I’m Brian. I’m just Brian (reference to the Python film, Life of Brian).

Michael Lewis, Author of MoneyBall and  On NPR’s Wait Wait don’t tell me 3/27/2010

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  1. Sean Crawford

    I once read a Robert Heinlein novel where the characters are saying no one knows know what caused the Great Depression.
    I once saw a very big book entitled something like What Caused the Great War.
    I suppose if you don’t know, it there is no clear answer, then you need a real big book. I expect to see only big books on what caused the world-wide recession. Not small books, not an easy clear answer, because we have no easy clear model of human beings.


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