Site issues – need your help

We’ve had some character set issues on the site – Weird characters showing up in posts.

This issue has been fixed but a side-effect of the fix is some of the posts have been truncated. They just cut off or seem to be missing the last paragraph or more.

We’ve caught most of them, but there are likely still more out there.

If you notice this when reading pages, please leave a comment here or on the post/page itself and we’ll get it restored.

Thanks. Appreciate the help.

6 Responses to “Site issues – need your help”

  1. Harris


    Your more essays link next to Recent Essays on the homepage is taking one back to the home page rather then the Essays page.

    –Harris Qureshi

    1. Scott Berkun

      Good catch Harris – I’ll have a look. Just fyi you can always get to the essay page from the top nav.

  2. Kerry NZ

    I’ve noticed that links to older essays aren’t working anymore and the essays page seems to cut off and not go back to them either.

    1. Scott Berkun

      Hi Kerry:

      Which links to older essays? It helps to know which specific page you’re talking about (URL) and what link is broken, it’s a big site :)

      The essay page ( had some issues last week but is fixed now.

  3. Harris

    Hi Scott,

    It will be useful to have export to PDF functionality on your site specially the essays section.


    –Harris Moin

  4. Rogier

    Hello Scott,

    The article “Microsoft and Making things happen” from 15 September 2009 seems truncated.




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