The quote of the month

“In the range of invention…the man of today is nearer to being a god than at any time in history. Yet never was he less godlike. He accepts and utilizes the miraculous gifts of science unquestioningly: he is without wonder, without awe, reverence, zest, vitality or joy. He draws no conclusions from the past and is utterly unconcerned about the future. He is marking time. That is about the most we can say for him.”

– Henry Miller, The Books in My Life

6 Responses to “The quote of the month”

  1. Scott Berkun

    Awwww – it’s not that depressing. I take it to mean it’s very easy to do a great thing today. All I have to do is live a day with as much awe, zest and joy as I can and I’m sure to make a difference.

  2. Ron

    Sounds similar to the writings of the Spanish philosopher Jose Ortega Y Gasset



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