Truth is found between these posts…

There’s an old George Carlin joke about how between Idaho’s state motto “Famous Potatoes” and New Hampshire’s “Live free or die”, the truth can be found.

Noticed today, on the this blog, two polar opposite posts, One on Wikileaks Considered, the other on Smell-O-Vision, were the top two. Amazing. Thanks for reading my crazy, and oddly diverse, thoughts.

2 Responses to “Truth is found between these posts…”

  1. Sean Crawford

    You’re welcome.

    Well, so much for those “experts” who claim a blog has to be super focused on just one theme…. Anything that sincerely interests you will probably interest me too.

  2. Scott Berkun

    I’m sure I’d get more traffic if I kept writing about the same topic. But there are more important things than traffic.

    I wish there was a way for people to filter a blog based on the topic. I’m sure some readers here just want project management stuff. Why can’t they only be notified of pm related posts? There’s probably a way to do it, but it’s not simple enough that I know what it is.

    I’ll have to ask the folks at Automattic.


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