Thursday Linkfest

I’ve tried to do this on Wednesdays, but some weeks before I know it, Wednesday is long gone and Thursday is half over. So as a testament to slipping schedules everywhere, I give you, Thursday Linkfest:

6 Responses to “Thursday Linkfest”

  1. Arthur Pappas


    thank you for linking to Howard’s “Four Ways To Fix A Broken Legal System” over at I thoroughly enjoyed it & agreed with everything Howard said.



  2. Sean Crawford

    When I type essays I curse. With typewriters, to indicate the M dash you would type a minus sign twice, with a space. And you would indicate italics by underlining a word. Today, when I can “indicate” italics by literally typing them, I am bitterly disappointed that I cannot literally type an M dash, for it is my favorite essay punctuation, and I don’t want to use two hyphens on a modern computer.

  3. Scott Berkun

    Arthur: Cool. I enjoyed it too.

    Dick: That book was a classic – I think they’ve made books on web design as well, though I’ve never read it.

  4. Mike Nitabach

    If you find typography and letterforms interesting, Lawson’s “Anatomy of a Typeface” is a fascinating read.



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