Update on my next book

A few months ago I put out a call for an editor to work with me on the next book. More than 30 people applied, which was amazing, and after a long and tough process (I chose three people as finalists and worked with each on a small project), I hired Krista Stevens for the job.

She has an amazing combo of experience, asks tough questions, and is fun to work with – I’m confident this project is going to turn out fantastically well (or if it doesn’t it will be my fault, not hers). Whatever happens I’m sure it will be interesting and we’re going to have fun doing it.

The project is rolling and we’re working on possible book outlines – I can’t say much other than one goal is intelligent provocation. People tell me they like the way I think about things, and one goal is to offer my best thinking on a wide array of topics and themes. We’ll be revising some of the best things I’ve written online, but will also be writing significant new material.

The plan does include involving you guys – to give feedback along the way – so stay tuned for that. More soon.

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