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11 Responses to “Join my free and smart mailing list”

  1. Jackie Paulson

    I am a book lover and aspire to become an author. Congrats on your first self published book. I love the 1.00 sponsor. Keep on keeping on. Jackie Paulson a huge fan of yours.

  2. Michael H.

    Hi Scott

    I’m really looking forward to read your new (e)book. While it just dawned on me that self published == no more O’Reilly == no more tripple format download without DRM I’m beginning to wonder/worry if you will publish your book in an DRM free format. To me paper is dead and I have no interest in getting chained to anybody’s DRM system. I wouldn’t mind having a watermarked version with my name in it. How about going a step further and give your book away for what ever a customer is willing to pay without any DRM/watermark? Seth Godin did that once as far as I remember. How do you think about this issues?
    PS: I like the free updates O’Reilly provides as well.

  3. Georgy S Thomas

    I’ve read two of your books, The Myths of Innovation and Confessions of a Public Speaker. Great books. Can’t say which one I liked more. Thank you.

    1. Scott Berkun

      Hi George – you’re welcome. I hope you’ll sign up for the newsletter. Good stuff every month.

  4. steph

    Ill make this short I have a story to tell. a very important story not only for myself but for others as well. Unfortunately I could find myself in some legal trouble if I publish it as is. So my question for u is would it be wise to change the names of the people and places in the story? I understand that I could go to a lawyer and ask the same question but I would respect and accept your answer more. I’m comfortable with changing the names if I must but if I don’t have to I’d rather not. Thank u for your time

    1. Scott Berkun

      Hi Steph:

      Why did you post this comment on this post? You should have posted it on one of my articles about, you know, writing :)

      Changing names is easy to do at any time. Don’t worry about it now. I’d keep the names and worry about this only when you have a finished manuscript and are starting to think about publishing it. if you decide then to change the names a few search and replaces, and some careful proofreading, will take care of it.



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