Help name the next book (Round 1)

I mentioned yesterday work on my fourth book is moving along. One key decision I need your help with right away is the title. Everyone has opinions on titles after a book is out. And I’m trying to be smart by getting your input now while I can do something with it :)

Which one is the strongest? Don’t worry much about the subtitle, we’ll focus on that in round 2.  Leave comments if you have specific suggestions. Thanks.

21 Responses to “Help name the next book (Round 1)”

  1. Gutenberg Neto

    I chose “Provocations”, simple and to the point. Loved your previous books and can’t wait for the new one!

  2. C Todd

    “Intelligent Provocation: Fire-Up Your Mind’s Curiosity”

    Suggestion: Skip any “best of.” It can be too egocentric, especially for readers who may not know you nor have read any of your other works.

  3. florian

    Just posted “Provocative Ideas, Curious Minds”. Yet I agree with “Gutenberg Neto”- one word titles are great!! “Provocations” cuts through the reader’s mind like a chain saw through jello…

  4. henk van ess

    Mining your mind

    The Thought Bomb

    Firework of ideas

    Brain Bomb

    Intelligent Ideas – a bit generic, I know

  5. Charlene Jaszewski

    I’m going to dissent and day that “big ideas” is too general. Is the book on HOW to generate big ideas? How to generate BETTER ideas? Need more detail.

  6. Olivier

    SAY WHAT ????
    Provocation in action

  7. Ben Pack

    With Provocation: Challenge Everything.

    I also like the simple ‘Provocations’ suggested earlier.

  8. Natasha Lloyd

    I think the word “Provocation” should be avoided since it’s not something commonly used when people talk and it doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.

    Instead, I would use “Provocative” somewhere in the title to make it more… provocative. :)

    My suggestion: Provocative Ideas for Curious Minds.

  9. Rob Berman

    It would have been a bit easier if you gave a quick synopsis of the book. Based upon what I saw I did vote.


  10. Scott Berkun

    It would have been a bit easier if you gave a quick synopsis of the book. Based upon what I saw I did vote.

    Yes and no. In the bookstore, or online, the title has to speak for itself, at least as first.

  11. Rob Breeds

    None of the suggested titles is quite there. Variations, food for thought (fuel for the fire):

    Flame On! Ignite Your Mind
    …from sparks to raging inferno

    The Book of Mindfire
    …explode your ideas into life

    Provoking Idea Explosions
    … set your mind alight

    The Berkun Question
    Challenge, provoke and develop…

    Your Mind on Fire
    … provoke new thinking, better understanding

  12. Cindy

    If you really want to provoke thought, why not use a provoking title? The only thing most of these titles provoked for me is a mental groan because they seemed self-congratulatory. Also several of them start with longish, inert-sounding nouns, eg, “Intelligent Provocations.” Remember your audience. We of the Interwebs like concise and clear action button-sounding things. We also like implied answers, not questions. The Four-Hour Workweek – yes please!

    I vote for simply CHANGE YOUR MIND.

    That’s provoking!

    Good luck with it. This post was a great idea to drum up interest and input at the same time.

  13. Jason Crawford

    I voted for “Your Mind on Fire”, but “Intelligent Provocations” was a close second for me.

  14. Pablo López

    What about something related to awakening people / making things clear / trying to call attention using critical thinking? I think it’s what Scott tries to do all the time. If the book is to provoke, the title should do so too.

    Some ideas (although not whole titles):

    “Really? Let’s think about it first”
    “So they say what?”
    “Why beg your pardon?”
    “Let’s get to the point”
    “Convince or persuade?”
    “Provoking thought”

  15. mhitza

    Questionable difficulty

    And as well @Todd I would refrain from using “best of” in a books title.

  16. Miguel

    What about ‘Resilient parasites: ideas to change your mind’?

  17. Smaranda

    Berkun Four… it’s like “Ghost I – IV” ;)
    No, I’m not actually making a comparison there.. but it sounds great.

  18. frizztext

    I’ve voted for
    Intelligent Provocations:
    the best of Berkun 11.51% (29 votes)



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