How do you get wise? The story of Mindfire

I’m sneaky.

While I write about business and creativity things, every 4th or 5th post here for years has contained a  dose of philosophy. I’d never call it that of course, since nothing makes people stop having fun faster than mentioning the P word. But posts like How to be a freethinker, Simplifiers vs. Complexifiers, Hating vs. Loving and even How to detect BS all poke at wisdom, albeit from very different directions.

The goal in my new book, Mindfire: Big Ideas for Curious Minds, was to compile my best provocative essays (including those listed above) into one easy to read volume. To stop being sneaky, and frame a book on the theme of intelligent provocation of wisdom. If you want to think hard and have fun, this book can do that for you.

Between the lines of the book is how I’ve learned whatever it is I know.  The process I’ve used all along to write these essays is something like this:

  • I read and listen
  • I think
  • I come up with a hypothesis
  • I write it down
  • I share it
  • People respond and I read
  • I’m right, but also wrong
  • I patiently sort out which is which
  • I learn from where I’m wrong and think about it more
  • I refine where I’m right, and think about it more
  • Repeat

In the book, you benefit from over a decade of me learning how to be wise, from writing. I write often, if you haven’t noticed. And I know not all of it’s great. But I can promise the best writing I’ve done in the pursuit of wisdom is in Mindfire. And I hope you’ll pick up a copy for that reason alone.

And when you do, please write a review. Let me know what you think. Even if you hate it, you’ll be helping me write the next thing and the next. If you think I have more wisdom to share than you found, this will ensure there’s more to come.

4 Responses to “How do you get wise? The story of Mindfire”

  1. CTodd

    Hi Scott,

    I’m considering a few options for books I am interested in publishing. I’m already in discussion with one publisher for one book but am considering, like you, that I need to self-publish at some point to understand the process better.

    Which self-publishing avenue did you pursue? Create Space? Lulu? Would love to hear your thoughts on the process to this point.




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