If you like my work, can you lend a hand?

If you like my work, I can use your help.

When the paperback edition of Myths of Innovation came out, I put together a little email list for volunteers willing to help with PR. It worked well and folks helped by using their networks, real and online, to get attention for the book on blogs, Facebook, twitter and (gasp) good old print media.  It was fun for volunteers to interact directly with me (so they claim) and help contribute to work they care about.

My fourth book, Mindfire: Big Ideas for Curious Minds is almost ready for publishing – and my focus now shifts to PR and marketing for the book, which in many ways is the biggest challenge of all.

Might you have:

  • some time to help?
  • Maybe an hour a week? Maybe more here and there?
  • Are you willing  to send an email or two to your network?
  • Ideas for PR  – events? competitions? embarrassing things I can do to draw massive attention?
  • Or does Stephen Colbert owe you a favor you can lend me?

If so, please join:


Thanks for your support.

One Response to “If you like my work, can you lend a hand?”

  1. angie s small

    1st…..wine sucks but I’m sending u some via this message. Taught school 16 1/2 years and I was truly gifted with the “bad kids” whatever society thinks that is…would choose a “bad kid” over a spoiled rich brat any day!!!Spoke numerous times for districts I taught in and the Regions also. NEVER prepared just came natural. It’s time to move forward with my dream. Love your belief…will look past wine…I choose whiskey lol


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