New update on the next book

After a pre-spring hiatus, things are rolling again on book #4.  First update on the book is here, and then weeks ago I let you all vote – here are the results:

As you can see 14% of you chose to take things into your own hands, and offered a write-in vote for the title. Since you took the time, I did read them all and they’re listed here:

  • Big ideas for curious minds
  • Intelligent Provocations: Big ideas for curious minds
  • Idea Inferno
  • Provoke the Mind; Idea Punk; On all Cylinders; Ignite your Mind; Idea Science;
  • Provocative Ideas for Curious Minds
  • The no BS guide to…
  • Making Scott Talk
  • Provocateurs: Reclaiming curiosity
  • Flame On! Ignite Your Mind
  • Intelligent Provocations: How to communicate big ideas to the masses
  • Because! (and other answers)
  • The Power of Serendipity
  • Ponder this: Intelligent provocations for curious
  • Provocative Ideas, Curious Minds
  • Advanced Trolling: Intelligent provocations for curious minds
  • A Mind’s Eye: my thoughts light fires in your cities
  • With Provocation: Challenge Everything
  • Ideas of a curious mind
  • The Berkun Blaze: Hot Ideas to Set Your Mind on Fire
  • Berkun Bag of Big Ideas
  • Fear me?
  • Steal this idea
  • Curious Minds Always Have Big Ideas
  • Its All About the Money
  • Poke your Brain with a Stick
  • Intelligent Provocations: non-polarized explosive thoughts
  • spark to inferno: ideas to set your mind on fire
  • The firebrand for your mind
  • only ok – tried playing off synonym of Confession?
  • Scott Berkun: Intelligent Provocateur
  • In Summation
  • Your Mind on Fire: Big ideas for curious minds
  • ______ : Big ideas for curious minds
  • Arguendo: Intelligence, Provoked
  • Pyrobrainiac: Set your mind on fire
  • Questionable difficulty
  • Provocative Intelligence
  • Minds on Fire: Big ideas to challenge how you think
  • Provocation: Challenging ideas for curious minds

My team of Tim Kordik and Krista Stevens will have another update soon. Stay tuned.

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  1. Smaranda

    Poke Your Brain with a Stick? Auch! I didn’t want that picture in my head! :))



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