Now has threaded comments

It only took a zillion years, but finally has fully threaded comments. Now you can disagree with someone, and have them disagree right back, with visual formatting that fully clarifies they are disagreeing with just you and your post, and not anyone else.

Jokes aside, it does make long comment threads easier to read. It also gives feedback to commenters on which new comments are in response to their previous ones.

Oddly enough, I work for on comments and other UI features, so it’s particularly embarrassing it’s taken me until this decade to finally getting around to adding this simple little feature. For good measure, there is also comments paging now, so posts with 50+ comments are faster to load.

If you have other feature requests for the site, now is the time as I’m on a roll.

6 Responses to “Now has threaded comments”

  1. Phil Simon

    I can’t resist. I have to add the first one in the new era. You go with Disqus?

  2. Drew @ Willpower Is For Fat People

    For what it’s worth, I turned off paged comments when I turned on threading. Might be a WP bug that’s fixed now, but when the 51st comment for a post was nested under an earlier one things didn’t display right.

    And I capped nesting at three levels. That’s usually enough to separate a conversation, and below that it gets narrow and hard to read.

  3. Smaranda

    So can I subscribe to a discussion, or to replies to my comment? Or do I still have to check back every day to see the new activity? (this is where you have to imagine me sipping my morning coffee and cluelessly looking around for buttons thinking “I don’t see the new stuff… Where is it? Show me, show me!”)

      1. Suhaib Mohaidat

        I dont get the relevance of the smily faces around.
        Having the threaded comments is fantastic :)


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