Should I Keep “Readers Choice”?

For awhile now I’ve done readers choice posts – and I used the now defunct as a way to let you guys suggest topics and vote on them.

I’ve enjoyed it (did you?) and want to continue – but I need a new way to run it.

I imagine there is a) another service I can use for the list & voting b) A WordPress plugin –  but I’ve looked and haven’t found good candidates – suggestions?



3 Responses to “Should I Keep “Readers Choice”?”

  1. Charles

    Sounds like Google Moderator fits the bill. You can setup topics/questions/suggestions, and users submit replies and can vote up or down other replies.

  2. Nords

    Scott, what about surveys imported into your blog? Maybe Automattic would offer you a discount.

    Speaking of topics, what about an update on “How to do a book tour”? It’s been a few years since you last blogged about “what not to do”, and I’m getting ready to try my own in 3-4 months. I’m probably already behind in the planning & logistics…


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