Toastmasters on Confessions (Podcast)

To celebrate the release of the paperback edition of Confessions of a Public Speaker, here’s a kick-off post for a week of posts on public speaking.

The good folks at Toastmasters published an excerpt of Confessions in the November edition of their newsletter. And to follow it up, they invited me on to their monthly Podcast (MP3), a show called, simply enough, The Toastmasters Podcast.

We talked about hecklers, grandstanders, the dreaded rambling question and other situations most speakers fear – it’s a good 20 minutes of advice.

Download (MP3) or listen from their site.

3 Responses to “Toastmasters on Confessions (Podcast)”

  1. Cassie Zupke

    Thanks for the great podcast! Your advice about hecklers and grandstanders was very useful — both on the podcast and in your book.

    I recently presented a controversial topic to the group I run. We had prospective new members in the room. Members of a group with opposing views showed up and politely argued with me throughout the talk — constantly. (Questions/comments during our presentations are the norm in our group.) Thanks to the advice in your book I was able to keep the presentation moving forward. According to the feedback I got from our new members they had no idea they had just sat through a pitched battle. Also since I kept the presentation moving forward I was able to keep our existing members from losing patience too much with the other group.

    So, thank so much for your advice. As I’ll be presenting this topic many times in the future, it will come in very useful.

    — Cassie



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