News: I’m working on a UX book with Jackson Fish

When my friends Hillel Cooperman and Jenny Lam started their UX company JacksonFish, I thought, how awesome. Every designer dreams of working on their own terms, where they can make great things. JacksonFish has delivered on their vision, and you can see plenty of examples of their amazing work here.

When they told me they were working on a book, called Making Things Special (no intentional connection to my management book, though I’m sure they’ll be friends), I was excited for them. And then when they ask if I’d take on the role as the book’s editor, I was flattered and thrilled.

The book is a kickstarter project and they’re looking for support to get the project funded:

Making Things Special is a book about creating standout user experiences. The authors, Hillel Cooperman and Jenny Lam (us), have been designing user experiences collectively for over 25 years… We’ve worked with clients like Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo, as well as several small to mid-size startups and tech companies. Clients come to us when they want to create an experience that’s not just intuitive, not just usable, but something that their audience can fall in love with.

Here’s their fun Wes Andersonesque kickstarter video for the project about what it means to make special things, something the book will teach (Look for the donut robot cameo at 2:09):

Please head over here to learn more about the project and how you can help it along.

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