Site news: new design coming soon (sneak preview)

As a design minded person I’ve had a long list of fixes, improvements and updates I’ve wanted for I had some false starts and stops in hiring folks to do the work, and somehow its been years since the site has seen much love. I’m so sad about that. You readers deserve better.

I’m proud to report a new design is almost finished and should be live soon.

The main goals for the redesign were:

  • Simplify, simplify, simplify: more whitespace, more attention to easy reading
  • Make it easier to find ways to follow (Twitter, Facebook, mailing list)
  • Better visibility to videos of my best talks and lectures

Here’s a preview of what the new home page will look like. I’ll have more details on the rest of the design soon.

10 Responses to “Site news: new design coming soon (sneak preview)”

  1. Aaron

    Looks good in the teaser – can’t wait to see the full thing.

  2. Simon

    Wow looks good, quite simple indeed! Even though I mainly follow through RSS, I’ll enjoy whenever I drop by directly.

  3. davidburkus

    Solid design. Is that a theme or did someone make it custom? (Or both?)

  4. Mike Nitabach

    Looks good!

  5. Jarek

    Hey Scott!
    The new site looks great. Simplifying is always a good idea and it seems like your new site will really be much simpler and nicer! This is my first comment on your site, so just btw – I love the content you provide!

  6. Leila

    Scott! Nice to see the new redesign. Looking forward to the new site. Simplifying is a lot of work if you know what I mean. I bet your process for simplifying and the new design could be worth a blog post for others considering it.

    Always great to drop by.


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