Grand summary of posts on Remote work & Yahoo

With my upcoming book about my experience at, where everyone works from home, I’ve been following the Yahoo announcement closely. Here’s a rundown of the better posts I’ve seen about their policy change and notable responses:

I took the middle ground defending both remote work and Marissa Mayer.

If you know of other excellent responses please leave a comment. Thanks.

11 Responses to “Grand summary of posts on Remote work & Yahoo”

  1. Galen

    So many ‘authorities’ asserting most definite ‘opinions’ on this question! With the multitude of variables effecting the outcome in each case, the most rational answer is: “It depends.”

  2. Sean Crawford

    I am not surprised staff leaked the e-mail.
    Perhaps part of bringing Yahoo! together was to be more high-touch. If so, it’s ironic how, for a message so many found so disturbing, they used a high-tech but low-touch method.

  3. Susanna K.

    I read that Shanley Kane quote about 5 times before I gave up trying to understand what it means.

  4. Sean Crawford

    I had to consciously turn down my sarcasm knob for this one:

    I can imagine a traditional pyramid organization having a workplace with noise and interruptions. But with modern flattened pyramids, and empowerment, the leadership can be distributed to all the desk-computer workers.

    In a traditional work place, say with monks at desks doing manuscripts, you can complain that the abbot should make a culture where everyone is quiet. But where everyone accepts responsibility, instead of complaining like a child-victim, adults can cooperate to form a culture (such as ‘don’t be evil’) they believe in, one where they manage noise and so forth.

    In my city a former politician, Brian Lee, (Custom Learning Systems Group) has for years been making big bucks changing the culture of certain hospitals down in the US. I was part of the process for one year up here (until provincial funding ran out) so I know it is indeed possible to change culture and have people be responsible.



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