Mindfire 1.1 Launch: Wednesday 3/20 – help wanted

An updated edition of Mindfire: Big Ideas for Curious Minds, with more than 100 fixes, typo corrections and other minor improvements will be officially released next Wednesday. This collection of my best essays is finally cleaned up, polished and worthy of more readers.

9AM PST Wednesday March 20, I’ll make the book available for download here, for free, for 48 hours.

If you’re a fan, please put on it on your schedule. I’d be grateful for help spreading the word on the day.

I’ll be posting some fun making of materials from the book as we get closer.



11 Responses to “Mindfire 1.1 Launch: Wednesday 3/20 – help wanted”

  1. christian ward

    Damn, I’m reading Mindfire currently. I wasn’t aware I bought the “defective version.” But I’m all in. Happy to download something worthwhile that is also free. Thank you.

    1. Scott

      Check the Printing History in the opening pages. If you bought it in the last few weeks you probably have the latest.

    2. Kristen DiFate

      “Defective” or not, it’s a spectacular book. Period. My students and I love it.

  2. Francis Peixoto

    I just bought Mindfire on Amazon two days ago! Had I known this, I would have held out for the freebie :(

    1. Scott

      Sorry. The good news is 1.1 has been live on Amazon.com for at least two weeks. So you most likely have the latest edition.

      You can check by looking at the first pages of the book. If under “Printing History” it says 1.1, you’ve got it.

      1. Francis Peixoto

        sweet! you’re right, I have the latest version. I know Oreilly has a habit of releasing version histories of the books they sell. are you planning to implement the same system with your books on amazon? I bought Making Things Happen on Oreilly and I really like their system.

      2. Scott

        Francis: MindFire is self-published, so it’s not through O’Reilly Media.

        I’m not sure what system you mean. Have a link?

  3. Joe

    OOOOOoooops. Amazon just shipped me one of the defective copies of Mindfire! Can I mail it to you, Scott, for an autograph? …and my well loved copy of “The Art of Project Management”?

  4. Ari Blenkhorn

    Scott, Are you still looking for typo corrections? I have v1.1 pdf downloaded on 3/14, and have found a few.


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