New site feature: Control My Mind (Ask Berkun)

I’ve been working with the folks at FreshMuse on a new feature: Mind Control.

I’ve always enjoyed Q&A with you folks (see reader’s choice) – now I have a way to ensure this happens all the time.

We’ve built a beta version of Ask Berkun. You get to control my mind and pick what I write about each week.

You can:

  • Submit a question you want me to write about
  • Vote on other submissions
  • You get 30 votes a month (for now)

I will:

  • Pick the top voted question each week and write about it

It’s a BETA version. You may find bugs. If you do, please report them here as a comment.

Have fun.

One Response to “New site feature: Control My Mind (Ask Berkun)”

  1. Sean Crawford

    Having clicked, I have to smile. It looks like you’ve found a socially acceptable way to get reader permission to write on the big philosophical issues that there would otherwise be “no market for.”


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