On Sale NOW: The Year Without Pants

9781118660638_cover.inddThe time is now. Three years in the making, you can now buy The Year Without Pants.

It’s launch day and buying the book now helps tons to establish a nice trajectory for the book. If you’re so inclined please hop over to Amazon or your favorite bookseller and grab a copy.

You can help with launch by:

Hope you like it. I worked hard to make it for you :)

2 Responses to “On Sale NOW: The Year Without Pants”

  1. Snorkasaurus

    Price at amazon.com: US$13.47 (In Stock)
    Price at amazon.ca: CDN$18.77 (Not in stock; order now and we’ll deliver when available)

    Current CDN/US exchange rate: 0.9717
    Price at amazon.ca if only adjusted for exchange rate: CDN$13.86

    Don’t worry, amazon.ca has used copies from: CDN$22.32
    Don’t worry, chapters.ca has it in stock: CDN$18.77
    Don’t worry, chapters.ca has it used from: CDN$24.64

    Non-proprietary & DRMless version: unavailable?

    Thanks Amazon, Chapters, and intellectual property… you rock.

  2. Eric Lawrence

    @Snorkasaurus: Yes, international pricing sucks. But I’m sure you’ll think Scott’s book is a fine value at any of the prices you listed.


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