Sept 17th: Official Launch for The Year Without Pants (details)

YWP COVER FINALHi folks. We’re getting close.

Tuesday September 17th will be the official launch date for my 5th book, The Year Without Pants: and The Future of Work.

The way PR works, the more attention I can garner for the book simultaneously, the better.

If you can help, please do one or more of the following:

  • Mark your calendar for Tuesday Sept. 17th
  • Buy the book (or 1052 copies) on the day
  • Plan to blog, tweet or Facebook about the book
  • If you’ve got a pre-release copy, post an amazon review on or before this day
  • Join the Facebook event, if you’d like to follow along there

Thanks for your support. It’s been three years of work and so excited to finally share the book with all of you.

As an appetizer: You can read chapter 1 of The Year Without Pants here. And some early reviews.

9 Responses to “Sept 17th: Official Launch for The Year Without Pants (details)”

  1. Anne

    I have read your ‘appetizer’ and I have to say I AM enthralled to get a look-see inside your pants! I just want the complete show down now, for all to be revealed. I shall be doing my little bit, and also recommending this read.

    1. Scott

      Fantastic! All i can say is, if you liked the appetizer, you’ll love the meal.

  2. Dhushyanth

    Hi Scott,
    When will the book be released in India? I am eager to land my hands on one.

    1. Scott

      Hi Dhushyanth – I’m not sure about the print editions, but the digital ones should be available in most countries at or soon after launch. Cheers.

  3. liz

    i’ve been checking out this blog
    and some of their stuff reminds me of some of your stuff, so maybe you could write up something fun? like this guy who mentions the neat card game he invented in an entertaining, funny, philosophical sort of way
    (his other article about the coloring book is even funnier)
    i will check out your book. perfect title btw.
    good luck!

    1. liz

      see that writer’s burrito article, too. you’ll see why at the end.

  4. Kevin Hogan

    Was surprised to find that I could purchase the book already from Amazon UK! Any reason for it being released so early in that market?

  5. Lee

    Yeah, seems as though I was able to download the kindle version in US this morning too. Only briefly paged through some chapters, but it looks like the whole book was delivered.


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