Ten Great Reasons To Try The Year Without Pants

If you’re not sure if the book The Year Without Pants: WordPress.com & The Future of Work  is for you, here’s a list:

  1. 9781118660638_cover.inddAmazon.com named it one of the best books of 2013
  2. This Internet thing might be important and WordPress powers ~20% of it. Shouldn’t you know how they did that?
  3. WordPress.com is the 8th most popular website in the U.S. Their methods are worth studying.
  4. Remote work is on the rise and is probably in your workplace’s future. What’s it really like?
  5. Email is the bane of most of our lives: how does WordPress.com work without it? (that’s right, without)
  6. 150+ positive reviews for TYWP: more than I’ve ever had for a book this quickly
  7. It’s the only business book where an “expert” puts themselves to the test of a real job (See Call BS on a Guru)
  8. It has the words pants in the title, which if you say five times fast will make you smile. Yet you can buy the book for work!
  9. It’s a fast and entertaining true story. I’m good at this writing thing.
  10. It explains the bad things you’ve experienced at work with good advice on how managers can change them.
  11. There’s a compelling argument for treating employees like adults and not children or machines.
  12. (Bonus) You can read the first chapter, watch the movie trailer or read expert reviews for free.
  13. (Extra Bonus) Read the Frequently Asked Questions about the themes from the book.

I hope I changed your mind:  If I didn’t leave a comment or question and I’ll write better reasons.

7 Responses to “Ten Great Reasons To Try The Year Without Pants”

  1. Lexi

    What? Employees are people?? /blink
    You have shattered my world view. Actually, you had me at “pants”
    Thanks for writing up this humorous list. I might give the book a go. It sounds pretty good.

  2. Gil

    This was nothing to do with the book, but i just had to thank you, with the awesome books you put out there.

    Just read the article of you book, MINDFIRE, where you explain the importance of thanks, this kind give me a wake up call.

    Sorry my english, i just start writing a few months ago.

    Ps: the fact of your website have a picture of Vasco de Gama in one of your presentations, gives evn more credibility :D.

    Keep the excelent work.

  3. peteherr

    I’ve enjoyed the other two books of yours that I read and I have recently started to take a liking to and digger deeper into WordPress. So, did you go back to work TO write the book, or go back to work AND THEN write the book?

    1. Scott

      Hi Pete:

      Both actually. I’d been thinking of going back to work to test myself but hadn’t found a good opportunity. When Mullenweg approached me about working for WordPress.com it seemed like the right situation, but I also realized It’d be make for a great book. I told them my writing a book was a condition of my hiring and they agreed.

      1. peteherr

        Well, congrats. Was this book self-published, as well? I am currently writing the proposal for my book and I am a nervous wreck over it. Trying to reconcile I might have to go the self-publishing route.


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