names The Year Without Pants a best book of 2013

Last week announced its best business books of 2013 and The Year Without Pants made the list.



6 Responses to “ names The Year Without Pants a best book of 2013”

  1. Len

    Congratulations Scott! Been telling everyone over here in London about the book.

  2. Lisa

    Congratulations! That’s awesome…and well-deserved.

    1. Phil Simon

      Well done, Scott. Best book I ever read by a guy with a torn Achilles tendon.

  3. Sean Crawford

    Say, as I was reading the Amazon editorial interview my mind wandered for a moment, and I was struck by a thought:
    Scott, I’m sure glad you have a sense of humour, because then you won’t get bitter one day at how so many of your fellow humans work (and live) so far below their potential.

  4. Miroslav Bajtoš

    Congratulations! I enjoyed the book very much, it’s great to see that Amazon recognised it’s greatness too.


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