The Year Without Pants v1: Typos and corrections

Much like software, first releases of books, despite the makers best wishes, have their share of mistakes. Mary, John and the entire production team at Jossey-Bass worked hard to help me find and fix any issues, but some got through the cracks.

I’m collecting known issues for The Year Without Pants here to make it easier for people to report them and for me to have the publisher make corrections. This will happen quickly for the kindle edition, and as soon as possible for the print edition too.

If you find a typo and want to report it, please leave a comment. Thanks.

Here’s the known list:

  • pg 56. “Team Theme” should actually be “The Theme Team” (“Team Social” is right, but most other teams tended to be called “X Team” e.g. “Happiness Team”)
  • pg. 56 (and 199, index) Willet should be Willett
  • pg. 76 Automatttic is spelled with three t’s
  • pg. 71 – ever/every “…to get the best value for Automattic out of ever hour they worked.”
  • pg. 78 Nick McCormik on Janitorial should be Nick Momrik
  • pg. 89 – “At an MySQL meetup” – should this be a, not an?
  • pg. 212 – Denmark should be Sweden
  • pg. 235 In the acknowledgements Peatling’s new team is Triton, not Titan.



11 Responses to “The Year Without Pants v1: Typos and corrections”

  1. Lance Willett

    Hi Scott—
    My last name is on page 56, 199, and in the index.

    Should be Willett with two ending Ts. Thanks. :)

  2. Sarah Gooding

    page 9 – “Instead of a giving me a trial, ” – think you mean to remove “a” in that clause
    page 78 – “perhaps because most of us make livings selling other people products marketed” – maybe you meant “other people’s products” ??

    1. Skip

      Or perhaps he did mean “selling other people products”, as in “selling [to] other people products”, IOW “selling products to other people”. However, if the quoted sentence fragment is followed by a dependent clause, then it’s easier to reverse the direct and indirect objects as he has done here, to make it something like “selling other people products that they can use…” (or however the sentence ends; I don’t have the book handy).

  3. Lisa

    Hi Scott~
    I just saw this yesterday–should be “every” instead of “ever”:

    Page 71: “…to get the best value for Automattic out of ever hour they worked.”

  4. Ed Kelly

    pg. 89 – “At an MySQL meetup” – should this be a, not an?

    Should be “At a MySQL meetup” use a when the next word starts with a consonant and an when the next word starts with a vowel.

    By the way, is it supposed to be “meetup,” not “meeting”?

    1. Skip

      If it’s a meetup and not a meeting, isn’t that spelled “Meetup” with a capital M?

  5. Simon

    On the last page of Chapter 15 (kindle edition, not sure which page exactly that is):
    “Working remotely mellowed everything out, dropping the intensity of the both the highs and the lows”.

    -> remove “the” before “both”

    1. Simon

      A few more (pages refer to the Kindle Edition):
      p. 197: In what would prove to be one [the word “OF” is missing here] the greatEST underestimations of all time, I asked Beau …

      p. 201: We have a cultural of tactical thinkers – should be “culture” instead, right?

      p. 202: Leads should know more about the process and be involved you should be teaching us how you’ve done #5 so well. – finish first sentence after “involved”, and start a new one afterwards

      p. 235: Andy Peatling became the leader of Team Titan, working on the reader project to simplify how reading blogs are done. – Me not being a native speaker, the “are” still sounds kind of wierd to me, shouldn’t that be “is done” instead?

      Let me stress on this occassion which great insights reading your book provided to me!

      Cheers, S.

  6. Lance Willett

    Hi again Scott,
    A few more typos to report. (I’m enjoying the book!)

    Page 4 and 5: Elektra or Electra?

    Page 20: They’d go to — needs capital “P” in

    Page 46: “Prolog” should be Prologue, see

    Page 56: The accent over the “e” in Zé is incorrect, see

    Page 126: “Intense Debate” should be with no space in between the words

    Page 165: “Akismit” should be Akismet

    Page 165: “Vaultpress” — needs capital “P” in

    Page 176: “InternalDebate” should be IntenseDebate

  7. Sarah Gooding

    Hey Scott, here are the last of my corrections:

    Pg. 141 – This sentence is missing an ‘a’ before company: “I’ve often thought that hint explains why he’s happy working at company where most of his interaction with people is filtered by technology.”

    Pg. 200 – missing a word: “inserting a picture is still a painful” – perhaps you meant to add “experience” ?

    Pg. 201 – “We have a cultural of tactical thinkers.”

    Thanks again for such a great book, Scott. I really enjoyed it. Wrote a review here:


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