Updated: Speaking checklist for great talks (Printable)

I hired Eva Giselle to design a proper checklist based on the popular post, How To Prepare: Checklist for Great Talks. Here it is.


You can read the original blog post.

Or you can download the checklist here (1.2 MB PDF). It’s a great handout for event organizers to give to their speakers. Pass it on.

5 Responses to “Updated: Speaking checklist for great talks (Printable)”

    1. Scott

      I like beer, but my body doesn’t. So at least you and my body agree.

  1. Jen

    This is fantastic. Thank you for your generosity in sharing this!

    Your Confessions book was a huge encouragement to me recently when I got back into speaking after a long hiatus. I absolutely loved it and now look forward to getting your other titles as well.


  2. Steve Rochester

    Are you still around. I tried to get your checklist but it’s not available. This blog seems old


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