Used copies of Mindfire selling for $300+

I’m happy to announce that Mindfire 1.1 will be here shortly. Over 150 minor corrections have been made, making this the best possible edition of the best collection in existence of my best work from this blog (You can of course access my best posts of all time for free).

The print edition is currently listed as out print via amazon, but that will change shortly as the logistics of getting the 1.1 edition in the pipeline take place.

A curious side effect is the backlog of used copies for sale has been emptied, raising the lowest price to $309. And ‘new’ copies list at $711.  If you have a copy you want to sell perhaps now is the time to do it? The used market on amazon is a mystery to me, and I never know what to make of the prices I see there.

used mindfire 309

8 Responses to “Used copies of Mindfire selling for $300+”

  1. Phil Simon

    Hey Scott

    And they’re bargains at that price…

    (Thank you…try the veal.)

    This happens occasionally with all sorts of books. I’ve seen versions of mine 10x the price. I don’t know why. You can list ‘special versions’ of books for whatever you like on Amazon.

  2. James

    What really baffles me is that you could buy a Kindle and the Kindle edition combined for less than a third of the price.

  3. Galen

    Notice that the one in very good condition is cheaper than the one in average condition. Which one would you choose?

    1. Scott

      It’s a tough call. That 1 cent difference demands pondering.

  4. Eluard Moraes

    Worth each penny! But I don’t sale mine for nothing…..

  5. Angela

    WOW… might be some arbitrage opportunities in the secondary market for the 1st edition of your book!

  6. Pablo López-García

    I guess pricing algorithms play an important role, especially when books go out of print and third parties want to make the most of that.

    In any case, Scott’s books is a bargain. Last year there was a book at Amazon priced at $23 million dollars :D


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