Why I’m Posting daily in January 2014

I love writing by assignment, especially challenges that test my limits. I’m grateful to you readers for helping me out over the years, as many of the 1400+ posts here were responses to questions you asked (see reader’s choice to see them).

This year I created an easy way for you to submit questions and vote on previous submissions, called Ask Berkun. Its been great, except for my end of the bargain: I’m far behind, with over 30 questions in the queue.

To catch up, I’ll be posting every day in January (M to F) until I’ve caught up.

I’ll decide at the end of January about how to handle Ask Berkun requests in the future, likely returning to the originally planned weekly schedule. Please place your votes and add a question.

Thanks for reading, commenting and asking questions. I’m glad you’re here.

2 Responses to “Why I’m Posting daily in January 2014”

  1. Dave Mitch

    I just read your book “The Year Without…”. Couldn’t have asked for a better book to start the year with.

    It has inspired me to write (am a professional IT Sec trainer),but am short on ideas to start with. Could you give any tips in this regard (to kickstart writing a blog & eventually a book).


  2. Too bad

    I guess the whole “writing daily thing” has fizzled out just like the last time you made a similar claim to post everyday until the launch of your book. If nothing else, you’re consistent.


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