Year Without Pants: Launch Party in Seattle (Photos)

About 100 friends and fans joined me last night to help celebrate the launch of The Year Without Pants which hit #313 on yesterday, and is currently #1 in many categories, including #1 in organizational behavior (which might be revoked after seeing these pictures).

Here are some photos of the fun. Thanks to everyone who helped yesterday all around the world. You can see all the reviews (50+) so far here.

If you were there last night and took photos leave ’em in the comments and I’ll add them. Thanks for coming and helping me celebrate.  Lisa-Marie from ran the photo booth used in some of the photos.



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Aaron Hunter Lauren

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3 Responses to “Year Without Pants: Launch Party in Seattle (Photos)”

  1. Joe "The Connector" Kennedy

    It was a great launch party – thanks for having us and signing our copy of your book. Best wishes for continued success in all your endeavors.

  2. Yousef Omar

    Scott, congratulations on the book launch. Can’t wait to get my copy – I am ordering my copy from amazon in a couple of minutes. Your books helped me a lot in my career and personal life and I just love them all! My favorite of your books so far is “Confessions of a Public Speaker” and I have a gut feeling that “The Year Without Pants” will be an amazing read. Loved the cover design. Best of Luck! – Yousef

  3. Heike

    Congrats! Just ordered a copy.


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